Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Sons of Andrew Piszczor Sr. & Anna Szczypta, Part 3

The year is 1967 and the brothers are posed in the drive of Joseph Piszczor (Pezar) in New Salem PA. Another 14 years have passed since the last brother group picture and this time the reason that brought everyone together is one on a sad note. The event is the passing and burial of their father, Andrew Piszczor, Sr., who died at the age of 80. So many members of the family showed that many of us were put up in the homes of neighbors for a few nights. This also meant the cleaning up and preparing the farm for sale outside the family.

(For those keeping score, from left to right: Walter Sr., Michael Sr., Jesse Sr., Andrew Jr., Joseph and John Piszczor)

Andrew Piszczor Sr. & Anna Szczypta - Anna passed away in 1962 just shy of her 83rd birthday. You already know what happened to Andrew Sr., he lived on the farm until his death with occasional visits to church and the Slovak Club.

John Piszczor - John's wife Ann Slosar passed away in 1957 in Cleveland area. By this time John left photography and had started his Real Estate business, building homes through out the south Cleveland suburbs. In 1959 he remarried in Cleveland to Amelia Bruscino.

Joseph Piszczor - Joe had worked his way up the union leadership ladder and was the local Mine Workers Union President. He and Helen had four grandsons now; three from Donald and Mary Ann (Donald (Dj), James and Steven) and one from Bernard and Martha (Bernard).

Andrew Piszczor Jr. - Andy and Helen moved to East Cleveland after he retired from coal mining and went to work for General Electric. They also had a granddaughter, Sabrina Sue Migyanko, from Betty Lou and Charles Migyanko.

Jesse (Hyacinth)Piszczor Sr. - Jesse and Josephine still lived in Cleveland. He had worked at the Old Mill Tavern with his brother Michael for years but recently started working at White Motors along with his brother Walter and his nephew Donald. They finally had a son, Jesse, Jr, in 1954 and a by this time Carol and David Latham gave them a granddaughter, Michelle Latham.

Michael Piszczor Sr. - Mike and Julia also continued to live in Cleveland. Mike now owned and operated the Old Mill Tavern. In 1956 they had a son, Micheal Jr., born in 1956 and a daughter, Barbara Ann, in 1958.

Francis Piszczor - Frank passed away in Painesville after battling cancer in 1958. Monica continued to live in Painesville with her daughters. She remarried in 1964 to John Lannen and moved to southern California. By this time there was one new granddaughter in her family, Charmain, form Paulette and Bernard Bullock.

Walter Piszczor Sr. - Walter stayed in Cleveland and married Margret Patrick in 1954. Between the 45th Anniversary in 1953 and 1967 they had five children; Marion (1955), Walter Jr. (1958), Matthew (1959), Marlene (1961)and William (1964). Walter was still working at White Motors.
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