Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Finally back again... and found new family members

It has been so long since I added something here, and I am remiss about that. Just didn't have the inspiration for awhile until I have learned that people are reading this from time to time. With that I feel I should be back and get this moving once again while we still have those who can contribute about our history.

But the big excitement is that after 17 years someone from from Zakopane has found this site and have made contact! Our newly discovered cousin is Anna Krupa-Piszczór, the wife of one Chris Piszczór. They have three sons; Łukasz - Luc 6 and a half, Marcin 4 and Jakub 1 year.

Where we all fit together hasn't been figured out yet, but that is part of the fun. His father, Stanisław Piszczór, unfortunately passed away last spring.

I feel inspired again and look to be back with more!
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