Sunday, November 11, 2007

Family Gatherings - Frank Piszczor's Birthday, 1958

Went and found another great photo in the boxes. You know, I actually have some vague memories of this get together. Granted I was 4 1/2 years old and don't recall any details as such, but I always loved going to my uncle Frank's and aunt Monica's home. I didn't recognize many of the people in it so I sent a copy to cousin Susan and she sat down with her mom, Monica, and figured most of them out. (So glad they did too, I couldn't even pick myself out correctly! I just happen to be between these two in the picture.)

Everyone gathered for my uncle Frank's 39th birthday. It was a somewhat somber occasion with Frank battling stomach cancer, passing away within a month of this picture being taken.

Listed below is what Sue and Monica identified. If you have any clue on who the unknown people are, catch any errors or remember the day let us know:

1 Ray Lewandowski
2 Maurice Mohney
3 Betty Lou Piszczor (Migyanko)
4 Ronald Lewandowski
5 Virginia Lewandowski (?)
6 Diane Lewandowski
7 Unknown
8 Carol Ann Piszczor (Latham)
9 Stella Mohney
10 Josephine Ann (Josie) Piszczor (Van Sickle)
11 Ruthie Sinko - (Newly identified!)
12 Josephine Ann Semik (Piszczor)
13 Walter Piszczor Sr.
14 Jesse Piszczor Sr.
15 Donald Piszczor (?)
16 Unknown
17 Unknown
18 Mary Ann Rahija (Pezar)
19 Monica Wolinski (Piszczor)
20 Jesse Piszczor Jr.
21 Susan Piszczor
22 Frank Piszczor
23 Paulette Piszczor (Ballock)
24 Unknown
25 Unknown
26 George Sinko

Here is a copy of the picture without the numbers!

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