Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Fudala Surname Connection - for you Stan

In doing research on the family I have run into a number of very diligent researchers working hard to make connections on the Fudala family. Fact is there are more people researching the Fudala lines than any other family from our Nowy Targ region. So how do they connect with our family you ask? Anna Szczypta married Andrew Piszczor Sr and they were fruitful and mutiplied. Anna's parents from Witow were Jan Szczypta and Tekla Fudala! (Just in case any Fudala researcher happens to read this, Tekla's parents were Meciej Fudala ans Anna Kwak.)

I have gotten to know a few of these people but one in particular, Stan Kensic, stands out with a number of coincidences even though we haven't found a connection yet. First of all he is been to and very familiar with the Uniontown, PA area, and still has family there! Then it seems his grandparetns were married in the same church that Anna and Andrew Piszczir were married in, Transfiguration in Mt. Pleasant, PA. He also had the opportunity to visit our region of Poland where all our families came from! (He and I also share heart surgery experiences, who says it doesn't run in the family now!)

So with that I have made the effort to put out the Fudala information I have and hope we might be found by someone who can find our connection:

This name has a shrouded origin. There is no Polish root fud-, but in his book Nazwiska Polakow Polish surname expert Prof. Kazimierz Rymut mentions Fudala among several names common in Poland but actually of Rumanian origin, which lends some credence to the carpatho-rushyn theory of who originally inhabited this area. So it seems likely Fudala derives from Rumanian. Rymut does not mention the meaning of this root in Rumanian, but there are in Rumanian such words as fudul, which means "proud," fudulie, "pride, haughtiness," and a verb fuduli (a se) meaning "to bridle up, strut, flaunt.

Fudala: (e.g. Fudala, Fudale, Fudalak, Fudalej, Fudaley, Fedalewicz, Fudalowicz)

Date Name - Town - Event
1608 Fudala - Pieniąźkowice - Old Church Record
1631 Fudala - Bukowina - Birth
1632 Fudaley - Bukowina - Birth
1633 Fudalak - Baiły Dunajec - Marriage
1726 Fudalowicz - Nowy Targ - Birth
1739 Fudalowicz - Nowy Targ - Birth
1739 Fudalewicz - Klinkuszowa - Birth
1763 Fudałowicz - Nowy Targ - Birth
1763 Fudalewicz - Nowy Targ - Birth
1782 Fudalowicz - Nowy Targ - Birth
1786 Fudałowicz - Nowy Targ - Birth
1809 Fudalewicz - Nowy Targ - Registraton
1786 Fudala - N. Bystre - Birth
1788 Fudala - Rogoźnik - Birth
1790 Fudala - Czarny Dunajec - Birth
1792 Fudala - Dział - Birth
1793 Fudala - Chochołów - Birth
1799 Fudala - Witow - Birth
1803 Fudała - Nowy Targ - Birth
1805 Fudala - Stare Bystre - Birth
1808 Fudala - Podczerwone - Birth
1810 Fudala - Długopone - Birth
---- Fudala - Białka Tatrzańska - Registration
---- Fudala - Czarny Dunajec - Registration
---- Fudala - Ciche - Registration
---- Fudala - Długopone - Registration
---- Fudala - Dzianisz - Registration
---- Fudala - Konoiówka - Registration
---- Fudala - Międzyczerwienne - Registration
---- Fudala - N. Bystre - Registration
---- Fudala - Odroważ - Registration
---- Fudala - Podczerwone - Registration
---- Fudala - Ratułow - Registration


Anonymous said...

I seldom leave comments on blog, but I have been to this post which was recommended by my friend, lots of valuable details, thanks again.

AFudala said...

i am a fudala my family immigrated to australia after ww2, my grandfather is kazimierz fudala. Do you know of any references?


Thank you for posting this. I am also a Fudala (from the Chicago area) and my great-grandfather originated in the Nowy Targ region before emigrating to the U.S. He was Jan (John) Fudala and married Justyna Bic (or Bick). Unfortunately very little is know about him. The bit about the Romanian origin is interesting. I took a DNA test for ethnicity. However, the majority of my results were grouped under the category "East European" but this doesn't differentiate between Slavic (Polish) and any of the ethnic groups common to Romania (Dacian, Roma, etc.).

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