Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Heard from Dj in awhile?

Well I have. For those not in the loop, Dj (Donald Joseph "Pezar" Piszczor) is the oldest son of Donald Piszczor and Mary Ann Rahija. I'm not really sure if he is a junior or not but sure he'll let me know after reading this. Most of us haven't seen much of him over the years since he became a big time executive chef living in various places throughout southeast Asia.

That's him and his wife Pilar Palma in the picture and I still haven't got all their children straight but I will! I believe they met when he was working in the Phillipines. We have been exchanging letters the past few months since he found me through the web site and he really enjoys this. The main reason for bringing him up is part of a note he sent to me about his family that I hope he doesn't mind me sharing....

"Just to broaden your genealogical tree a bit we’ve now relations by marriage all over Australia, in the Philippines and in Germany. Heck, we’ve even [have] an Aunt in the Vatican and a cousin who is a bigwig in Philippines politics and came close to winning the Presidency. I really like what you’re doing with the webpage. So much so that I’m finally going to try and put one up. .... this one will just focus on where Pi and I are living, traveling to, daily events, etc. Mostly to keep in some kind of contact with all of our families, especially nieces and nephews, whom we rarely get to see."

I hope he does it! This is one of the reasons I started doing this. (Besides, I always wanted to get back to Australia and now may have some one to see if I ever get to do that again!) When Dj gets his site going I'll have a link here so you can keep up with him!

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