Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Old Mill Tavern, Cleveland, OH

This little, nondescript, two story building nestled next to the old #25 Fire Station at the intersection of Broadway Ave and E. 71st St was the Cleveland area family hub for nearly 30 years. Owned by Michael Piszczor Sr, it was worked at one time or another by many of the Cleveland Piszczors (fact is even I put a few days behind the bar). While the clientele was primarily mill workers, firemen and veterans; there where many a Saturday night the place seemed like a family party with a few odd strangers at the bar.

(That's Jesse Piszczor Sr. behind the bar at the Old Mill Tavern and Donald (Pezar) Piszczor just behind him)

There wasn't much to the place really; a long bar, 6' pool table, bowling machine (of which I was told I had a diaper change on a few times!), jukebox and boarding on the second floor. It wasn't that big either and the liquor and beer storage was somewhat like a small cave that you got to through a trapdoor in the men's room. But if you wanted to see family without dropping by some one's home on short or no notice this was our place. I have fond memories when I got transferred back to Cleveland in the 80's of stopping by the Old Mill at Midnight on a Saturday, either with my wife or on my own, and having a beer and playing pool with my Uncle Mike until closing time. Not an exciting life event but I miss those nights now.

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