Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cousins and Removed - What does that mean

Here I am throwing names and family lines all over the place and I bet you might wonder from time to time; how does this person relate to me?

Don't be all confused about it because I was, and still am now and then! But is a fairly straight forward explanation.

At the basic; your cousin (or more formally FIRST cousin) is the child of your aunt or uncle who is a sibling of one of your parents.

If you have a child, your child is a SECOND cousin to your FIRST cousin's child.

If your cousin has a child, that child is a FIRST COUSIN ONCE REMOVED to you. (i.e. one generation removed from being a first cousin)

Now if your first cousin has a grandchild, that grandchild is a FIRST COUSIN TWICE REMOVED to you and a THIRD COUSIN to your grandchild.

If I can get all these lines connected somewhere we would have a 12th cousin somewhere and their grandchild would be a TWELFTH COUSIN TWICE REMOVED to you.

When I fill in more of the blanks someday I will have an example going here!

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