Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Family in the Military

We have had so many family members in the Armed Services and the list below is only who I know for certain. These are all from the list of relations I have in my database so some of these may be unfamiliar to many but still connected. I will be adding to this as I find them and please if you have any additional names please let me know:

U.S Army
Jess Piszczor Sr.
Mike Piszczor Sr
Bernard F. Piszczor
Bernard J. Piszczor
Josef Piszczor
David Latham
Anthony M. Semik
Robert C. Towner

U.S. Marines
Mike Piszczor Jr
Errik Piszczor
Francis Durtche

U.S. Navy
Carl Durtche Jr
Mary Semik
Teresa Durtche

U.S. Air Force
Kevin Croci
Walter Piszczor Sr (USAAF)
William J. Brundage (USAAF)

Polish Army in France (WWI)
(also known as Haller’s Army)
Wojciech Piszczor

There are a few pictures in the album at this time, but I know I have a few dozen in the boxes and will be adding them in the next few weeks.

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