Friday, October 12, 2007

More old wedding Pictures

Came across a few vintage wedding photos I received from Jean Basiorka some years ago that I misfiled and need to get back to her. They all include Frank A. Basiorka, son of Antonia Piszczor and Josef Basiorka. Some may contain some other family members and if if you recognize anyone please let me know.

This one in particular is intriguing. (Click on the image to see full sized) The photography studio listed on the folder wedding picture is the East 71st St. Studio (later Grand Studio) from Cleveland, OH in the 1930s, but whose wedding? The Bride and groom look so similar to Helen Sinko and Joseph Piszczor from pictures of that era, but what would they be doing in Cleveland getting married?

What I know is that Frank A. Basiorka is top row, 2nd from left. The fellow 5th from left looks very similar to Jesse Piszczor Sr. but not certain. Anyone help?

Click here and see all I have on the web so far!

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