Sunday, October 28, 2007

Migyanko - Holy Trinity Orthodox Cemetery, New Salem

Lest I not mention this, there was one other cemetery that Sandy and I stopped at. This was the picturesque hillside Holy Trinity Orthodox Cemetery. It was almost an afterthought, but when I was young every once in awhile we would attend this church with my uncle, Andrew Jr. As things happen my uncle Andy fell in love with this beautiful woman, one Helen Sinko, whose family just happened to be of the Russian Orthodox faith. Somewhat like in the movie 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' (though I'm sure without all the hilarity) he loved her enough to accept her faith as his own. But I digress.

Knowing there probably was some connection to the family in there we searched about for the winding and hidden entrance until we found our way in. Unlike the St. Thomas cemetery, this is built right up the hillside without much of what you could call roads through it. By this time, after a long day and just recently having heart surgery a few weeks previously, this was not the time I would be roaming through headstones. But as fortune would have it as we drove around the small loop road that did exist I noticed a familiar name. Migyanko! I recalled that my uncle's younger daughter, Betty Lou Piszczor, married a Migyanko... Charles Jr. by name! Now I don't believe I've seen her since 1994, and that's partly my fault, so I think I best do something about that soon. As you will see in the album I did run across a grave site for a Charles and Mary Migyanko, so I wonder if I found his parents. Next time I will be certain to get a better picture overlooking the cemetery and how it just fits into the landscape.

Click here to see the Migyanko head stones I was able to document!

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